James & Black have been on the road, literally, for nine years. Since the summer of 2011 until this year they have played over a thousand shows in fifteen countries from Austin TX, Shanghai, Paris and all points in between.

Home-base for the duo from Texas, since 2011, has been traveling throughout the EU but it is time to introduce James & Black to the US. 

With the recent developments world-wide, touring, for everyone, has come to a screeching halt. This has allowed them the time to recharge and finish the recordings they started last spring in Antwerp BE with regular band mates Jordi Geuens (drums), Erik Rademakers (bass) and Jeroen Capens (saxophone). Longtime band members Fumihito Sugawara and Max Benassi were able to add the proverbial icing on this multinational cake with their guitar work. 

The four song EP consists of original material and adds a new element, not found on their past two albums, with Bella rapping on two of the tracks. The rhythm tracks were recorded live and capture the energy that is the trademark of a James & Black performance. As always, the focus is the lyrics and the stories being told in the songs. Bruce and Bella have a story to tell and it's high time the States heard about them.

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