We sat down to chat with our Italian friend, and fantastic photographer, Alessandro Corona and SOund36 Magazine di Cultura Musicale, Arti e Spettacolo about the new EP, being back in the US and our experience in the EU. Check it! (English version at the bottom) Click the photo to read the interview.

New Music is on the way

10.20.2020 - Good Thang

Et voila!  The last single from the new EP is one of our favorites!  We present to you "Good Thang"!  

09.20.2020 - Be water, my love

07.20.2020 - happy birthday to us!

Happy birthday to us! J&B turns 9 today and to celebrate we are releasing a new song from the 'Be Water, My Love' EP. This one is about a foreigner getting lost in a strange city - in this case, Amsterdam specifically. "Send your best, send your brightest - as long as I have teeth I will bite." We appreciate you flowing with us all these years.

06.21.2020 - Be Water, My Love

James & Black celebrates their 9th anniversary (feels like 1000) on July 20th.  We can't be with you all in person but sharing our new music in spirit with you is the next best thing.

'Be Water, My Love' is the title of the new EP and we'll be releasing the first tune on July 20th.   

These days the best thing we can do is be water.  Water flows in and around becoming the shape and temperature of its surroundings.  Water can be a trickle or a mighty raging torrent.

Click the album cover to pre-order now and choose you, in the current of it all... Be water, my love. 


06.13.2020 - War Came Around

 There is a war being waged. 
Music is our weapon of choice.  Without justice there will be no peace.