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Would you like a subscription of THE BEST PLANT-POWERED DETERGENT SHEETS in the game delivered directly to your doorstep?

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We are also excited to offer our 1st PRE-ORDER (2/29 to 3/29) item for SPRING 2024!  60 PLANT-POWERED "Summer Breeze" DETERGENT SHEETS | Shipping and Handling FREE | Your order will be shipped on/by April 15th. This is when we will receive our inventory shipment.  Thanks for your support and patience.

Our plant-powered detergent sheets are gentle on skin, free of chemicals, and come in a recyclable package.  So, you gain clean and fresh clothes minus the hassle of lugging a plastic jug home, all while assisting us in creating music on an ongoing basis.

One of the best parts is when you purchase, we can donate $1 towards turning the tide for Native Black and African American women and veteran founders building in their communities ~ groups who typically receive less than 2% of all venture capital dollars each year.

Helping clean the Fabric of America, one sheet at a time!

We, the planet and the ocean appreciate you!